Monday, June 13, 2011

Sardinia's La Maddalena

After arriving at 7am from a overnight boat ride we took a power nap once we got out rooms at the hotel. Here is the view from our room. The mountains on this island reminded me of where I grew up.
Ed rented a nice little Fiat to zip around on the island with.
From Olbia we drove north took the car onto a ferry(not pictured) and shot over to the island of La Maddalena, and island off the main island.
The view from where I peed. 
The most fish I saw in the water the whole time I was here in Sardinia.
 Here Ed delivers another unwanted scare to Ashley.
We left the main plaza behind and Fiat'ed up some winding roads for a grand view of the island.
 Note Ed's conquering pose.
 From the road we spotted a cute cemetery. Yeah I just said that.
 Tasteful death was every where.
 The girls approved.
 Just in case anyone woke up.
There was a lot more to this island then a cemetery. I neglected to take anymore shots on the island. I put down the digital camera and absorbed the mild climate of the Mediterranean. This was the vacation part of our vacation.
 Flowers for every grave.
 Even your best friend will be keeping your feet warm for eternity.
As usual we ended the day with gelato and laughed about stories of pooping pants and the shape of Ed and Deanna's neighbors.
Action Packed Post coming soon!
Boats! Caves! Puppies! Art!

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