Saturday, March 5, 2011

Scraps of Color

Here are some left over photos from a couple color rolls I recently shot.
I would always see this guy walking his dog in my neighborhood but never had a roll of color film in. I dont think he was psyched I took his photo. He didn't smile back at me.
Maybe I am not the only one but I think its funny when you are driving and you see some fabric of a ladys skirt caught in the door jam flapping in the wind.
I hopped on a Hollywood High session one day and just ended up staying outside the gate shooting people walking by. Note the skater's street gloves.
I have been spending time in Taft, CA, my fathers place of birth. Here some local Sheriffs serve an eviction notice.
Signals transmitted but never received.


  1. I didnt think she was that old, maybe the lighting turned her into a mom.

  2. What's worse is I once saw a morbidly obese couple, both on scooters walking their dog and both smoking.
    Crossing the threshold into the "Don't Give a Fuck" zone.

    Muska gloves.
    Bedazzled hoodie? total Milf steeze.