Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2010 is Toast

The champagne was popped and poured in gratuitous proportions. 
Rob serves Jordon up a foamy refill.
Spontaneous bursts of music happened throughout the night.
Here Lauren helps Jared out with a walk'n bass line.
Are we celebrating the end of the year? Or the beginning of the a new one?
A few slumbered, some people's sleep was more enjoyable than others.
 The last cold night of 2010 in Chihuahua Valley.
Morning came and all were excited about soaking in the new year in some hot springs.
A coffee cup and a ball to throw to the pup. 
Tess and Carl greet the morning.
Jared gets the goat to submit to a friendship hold as Benny and Clayton keep close guard.
A couple of stowaways hiding in the backseat to get onto the Warner Springs Ranch.
Old and young flock here to soak in the sulfur water.
And another year rolls by...

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  1. party till the end of time. ps more carl newman.