Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bro, Get a Leash

Nothing brief about a double briefcase.
This child gets no slack, he couldn't even stop to sniff the other children if he wanted.
This k/f is for all the Austin fans out there. Add this to your Austin in Shorts folder.
Internet whispers "OMG hes got calves like Beckham!"
Jordon tries to get Louise into one of his costume fantasy's.
First off this was taken at Disneyland, where kids are supposed to run wild. And secondly the only thing this leash is accomlishing is ensuring the kids get second hand smoke from daddy's fire stick.


  1. a-stone needs more shorts coverage!

  2. leashes! yikes.

    ps. i am a fan of your work. great stuff. keep it up.


  3. I just read that comment from way down there.

    Yep. There's a lot of I guess transient Punks/Hippies going through Eureka/Arcata.
    They're usually nice people.

    That girl is wearing clothes that are too tight.

    I like how there's a monkey on the back of that one leash. Kinda an attempt to mask the fact that it's a leash.
    I guess a leash is easier than taking the time to learn/apply parenting techniques.

    Then again, there's probably a parenting iPhone app you could download.

    Two briefcases, his life has double the importance.

    Austin's kickflip..was that filmed in HD,breh?

  4. That kickflip was filmed by Griff in regular def. I forgot what Kincade its in but its floating around somewhere on the internet.

  5. It is great to wear a Leash
    I know it