Saturday, August 28, 2010

Post 4th Patriotism

Yeah America, we ARE number one. As 'Mericans we were given freedom of choice right out of the womb (circumscribed or traditional? innie or outie?) and If we choose to celebrate our Independence by blowing a piece of our sky up with a frost brewed Bud in hand and a revv of a lifted truck I think our founding fathers would tip their powdered wigs in approval, or at least bring a tear to H.W.'s eye.
Carl Newman chooses to drink an American brew.
Renegade patriots show their love by blasting one off in the Burbs.
Friends gather around the warm glow of a Texas Firefly between helicopter sweeps of the neighborhood.


  1. Grant these are so good!!! Especially the one of the finger and the firework above the house!!!!!! What you see!!! and what I miss!

  2. the firework pictures are amazing!