Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memory Lane 2007

A young Straser sips fermented fruit foreign to his virgin tongue. On the cusp of manhood, Rob experienced many new things on this trip. Peachs, Budweiser, Avocado to name a few.
Tried to snap Ed picking his nose, interesting picking technique. Ive seen girls do this when they are chewing food.
Pretty sure Logan Kincade was conceived on this stretch of desert highway.
Mandatory shotgunning. Look at that hand, forcing the beer into submission. TAPOUT!
Nick is probably all high on beer right here, or whatever. 
Just climbed down from the summit, flag planting and all.
"Pull Over! You are way to handsome to be riding that thing around here, other people will be distracted from driving." The cop was slow clapped out of the parking lot.
"Woa!" Said Joey Lawrence. 
"You gotta step into the ball when you swing boy" This young photographer takes an athletic approach while taking some "indie portraits".
Speaking of athletic approach, Tempster takes his brush stroke to the green.
...then goes stalefish.
 Are your bros as bro as my bros?
Thought so...

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